How to create a MyLYHA Account

You can log a repair, pay your rent or bid for a new property quickly and easily via our online customer portal 'MyLYHA'

To use the self-service portal you simply need to click on the ‘Login to my account’ button on the middle of the LYHA homepage.

1. The first time you use it you will have to Register. To do this you will need to type in your surname, date of birth and your tenancy reference number. Then click ‘next’.

2. Your Neighbourhood Officer should have given you your tenancy reference number after sign-up. If you don’t know this, please call us on 0113 278 3335 or you can find it on your latest rent statement.

3. The system will bring up your tenancy details under the heading ‘Is this you?‘ You don’t need to click anything to confirm this, just check it’s right. You will then be asked to type in a memorable username, email and password.

4. You will receive an email with a link. Please click on this to activate your account. You can now logon using the details you provided.

5. If you forget your details, you can always re-register following the same steps as above.