Common Issues: FAQs

Here you can find information on some frequently asked questions relating to your tenancy.

Frequently asked questions

How do I report a repair?

Please visit this page for everything relating to repairs.

What can I do to reduce condensation?

There are a number of things that you can do to help reduce condensation. These include:

  • Opening windows to ventilate your home (just opening them by a crack can often be enough)

  • Ensuring your home is heated to at least 19 degrees 

  • Open windows when cooking or after showering. If you don't have windows in these rooms, an extractor fan should be used.

  • Not drying clothes on radiators or inside. If this can't be avoided, ensure the windows are opened when possible.

Please note that we would not recommend leaving windows open when there isn't anyone at home. 


I'm struggling to pay my rent. What can I do?

Whether you work or not, you may be entitled to claim benefits to support your income. You can find out more about what you're entitled to here.

You can also speak to your Income Officer for advice on managing your money, help with debt, and other ways we can support you with your finances. Find out how to contact your Income Officer here.

My rent is paid in full by Housing Benefit but I am in arrears. Why?

We charge rent on a monthly basis, but housing benefit is paid 4 weekly in arrears, and is credited to the rent account on the fifth week. If this is the case, the account will almost always show an arrears balance.

What do I need to do to get ready for Universal Credit?

It could be some time before you need to claim Universal Credit but to prepare you should: 

  • Make sure you have access to the internet: (People will make their Universal Credit claim online. We can help you get online if you need support. Click here). 
  • Open a bank account that enables you to set up Direct Debit payments, if you don't already have one
  • Ensure you have a Bank, Building Society, Post Office account or Credit Union account to receive your Universal Credit payments into 
  • Make arrangements to manage your money monthly. We can help you with this if you need. Click here to contact your Income Management Officer

You can click here to visit the Government website to find out more information about preparing for University Credit. 


What happens if I receive a rent arrears letter?

Your Income Officer will write to you if you are in arrears. It is very important that you contact your Income Officer as soon as possible to discuss this, in order to prevent any further action being taken. 

I am experiencing domestic abuse, what should I do?

Everyone has the right to live without the fear of domestic abuse and we are committed to providing support and assistance to those affected by domestic abuse (emotional, physical, or threats and controlling behaviour). We take effective steps to protect those who are affected, including re-housing and taking enforcement action where necessary.

If you have experienced domestic abuse of any kind, or know (or suspect) that a neighbour may be experiencing such problems, please report this using our Incident Log or call 0113 278 3335.

There are also a number of charities who can also offer advice and support to victims of domestic abuse. This NHS page has further information about who you can contact.

I have been a victim of hate crime. What should I do?

We do not tolerate descrimintating behaviour, harassment or abuse of any kind on the grounds of gender, age, religion, sexuality, race, culture, or disability. If you have been a victim of an incident motivated by any of these factors, please complete our Incident Log to report it. We take such incidents very seriously.  

Anyone who lives in or visits a Leeds and Yorkshire property or estate has the right to do so without fear or abuse. We will take action against anyone caught carrying out or proven to have committed hate crime.