Community Safety Reporting

If you have experienced an issue with Community Safety or Anti-Social Behaviour, you should use this form to record what you see or hear. Your information will enable us to decide what action to take, including the possibility of court action. The information enclosed here will not be disclosed to anyone else without your permission although without permission to share information we may be limited in what action they can take.

Complete this form as soon as possible after the incident so that you remember what happened clearly.

Write down everything in detail. If there are multiple incidents occuring over a period of days/weeks submit this form for each occassion that the nuisance has occured.

We need to know five basic facts when you make a report to us:
Where? Is the problem- in your home, outside your home or somewhere else?
When? Is it at night, in the early hours of the morning or during the day?
Who? Is it your neighbour, a relative or stranger? If you don't know them can you describe them?
Why? Is there any reason you are being targeted or is it a problem that affects the whole community, such as drug dealing?
What? What is the anti-social/ nuisance behaviour? Is it loud music, vandalism, barking dogs? How often is it happening?

You can add photographic, audio or video evidence as an attachment to the form.

Your details
Incident details
24 hour time-format
24 hour time-format
Once the you've completed the form - click on the Submit button.
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