Costs to consider when moving

When you move home, there are a number of costs to consider. Below is a rough indication of just some of the costs you will need to factor in. Please note that these are estimated averages and should be taken as a guide only. The costs can vary depending on the size and type of property, so it's important to do your own research based on your own circumstances to get a more accurate picture for your individual situation before your move. You can also ask a Housing Officer about this when you view a property you are considering moving into.  

First month's rent up front - on average this ranges from £298 (for a studio) - £442 (for a four-bed house)

Television License - £145.50. You can pay this in one go, monthly at 12 installments of £12, or quarterly at £37

Carpets – 1 Bedroom flat  -  £150-300; 2 bed flat £275-400

Television aerial - £70-180

White goods:

Fridge – £80-300

Washing machine - £120 - 400

Oven – £200-500


Bed – £70-300

Wardrobe - £100-300

Council Tax - this will depend on your local council, area, and size of your home. You will be given a band for your area and this will be a set price. You can pay the amount monthly or in one go. In Leeds, council tax on our properties typically ranges from £874.67 - £1312 per year. 

These prices are based on two people living in a property, discounts may be available depending on your situation.

Moving costs - If you have access to a vehicle and are moving your own belongings be aware of your fuel costs

If you hire a van for the day to move your belonging these can range from £50 – 150

If you pay for a company to move your furniture for you this can be more expensive at around £100-150

Energy - You will need to pay the final bill from your energy provider at the previous property. When you leave a property if you are responsible for the energy bills you will be sent a final bill for the period up to you leaving that property.

Broadband internet – There are a large number of different providers for broadband. Most offer introductory incentives for example a cheaper rate for 12 months. It is best to shop around online to find the best deal for yourself.

Currently average costs start at £20 and can go as high as £40-50 per month.