Customer drop-in sessions

We now have the following drop-in sessions confirmed for 2019. These events are a great opportunity for customers to meet key members of our team, get any questions answered or give feedback.

Our next events will be held on:

  • 12th February - St Ann's and The Lomonds (4pm - 6pm)
  • 7th March - Athersley North, Barnsley (4pm - 6pm)
  • 28th March - Spring Valley Court (4pm - 6pm)
  • 18th April - Wood Lane Court (4pm - 6pm)
  • 30th April - Whitby (10am - 2pm)
  • 14th May - St Mary's Close & Court (5pm - 7pm)
  • 18th June - Kelso Court (3pm - 4pm) and Kensington Court (5pm - 6pm)
  • 4th July - Horsforth (4pm - 6pm)
  • 18th July - St Mitchell's Way, Barnsley (4pm - 6pm)


All customers in these locations and the immediate surrounding area will receive an invitation letter. For further information, please email: