Elmetes Estate Improvements

We have created this webpage to share updates about our improvements programme on the Elmetes estate. This is a top priority for us and we are working closely with customer on the estate to deliver change.  

Heating and hot water (flats and bedsits) - We have now concluded our review of the heating and hot water system installed in the flats and bedsits on the estate. The systems are clearly not achieving the sort of performance we were promised at the outset. Therefore, following consideration of all the facts we have decided to replace the existing heating and hot water systems with a more traditional system which will provide reliable and efficient heating and hot water in the long-term.

Ongoing consultation with customers is very important to us and we will shortly announce the dates of the next consultation events. These will give residents a chance to ask questions and ensure their views are fully considered in the development of plans for the estate. We have also formed an Elmetes Customer Steering Group to ensure our residents have an ongoing voice in all aspects of the improvement programme.

Cavity wall insulation - Our contractor, Heat Insulations, has now begun installing cavity wall insulation on the estate, in order to improve the thermal efficiency of homes.

For further information, please contact Tom Whitworth on email: elmetes@lyha.co.uk