Information for Leaseholders

If you’ve recently bought a home with us on a Shared Ownership basis, faults or repairs which are required during a fixed period of time after the home has been built are known as defects. The defects period usually lasts for 12 months, and the builder remains liable for any repairs required to the structure of the building or any mechanical issues inside your home. You will be advised how long remains in the defects period when you move in.

At the end of the 12 month defects period, we will write to you to advise you that the defects period is coming to an end.  We’ll ask you to tell us about any outstanding issues and it’s likely we’ll arrange an inspection with an officer from the Development Team and our Clerk of Works. 

For more information on defects, please click here

If you would like to report a defect on your new build home, please click here.

What happens after the defects period?

This will depend on whether you live in a block of flats or a house.

If you live in a house, you are responsible for all repairs required to your home after the defects period has ended.

If you live in a block of flat, some of the responsibility is ours, and some is yours.

We’re responsible for repairs to:

• exterior walls and foundations, and roof

• rainwater and soil pipes, sewers and drains

• gas, water, electricity supply pipes to your flat

• lifts

• communal window frames and entrance doors

• external decorations and common parts decoration

• external communal areas (car parks, private estate roads)

You're responsible for repairs to:

• fixtures and fittings (like kitchen units), as well as toilets, baths and showers

• floorboards and floor tiles

• internal redecoration

• radiators, storage heaters, storage tanks and pipe work within your flat

• leaks or burst pipes within your flat

• gas boilers (which you should get serviced annually)

• gas, electric and water installations within the flat

• internal non-structural walls

• glazing for your windows

• your front door

Please note that although we’re responsible for carrying out the repairs, the cost of repairs will be recovered from your service charge. If we need to carry out a repair that will cost more than £250 per leaseholder, we will consult with you before we start.


Wear and tear

Builders are not responsible for repairs caused by wear and tear, or damage or misuse. 

If damage is cause to your home during the defects period, you will be responsible for the repair. 

White goods

These are not covered during the defects period. A warranty will have been provided on purchase. Please refer to the manufacturers warranty for repair or if the fault comes after the warranty period, you will be responsible for arranging the repair.