Investing in Your Home

We want to ensure your home is maintained to the highest standards. Every year we carry out improvements or planned maintenance to a number of homes. This includes renewal of kitchens and bathrooms, new boilers, new windows and electrical and heating upgrades.

In 2015, we spent a total of £947,808 on investments to your homes. The table below provides more information on what this was spent on.

Over the next five years, we are currently planning to spend a least £550,000 each year investing in your homes and communal areas.

We will notify you when planned (major) works are scheduled for your home, and give you plenty of notice for this.

This is what we completed in 2015:

Work type Homes that benefited Cost
Kitchens 22 £41,000
Bathrooms 18 £80,500
Windows 8 £30,625
Roofs 11 £145,353
Heating 138 £244,000
Boilers 26 £89,700
138 £77,000
Work on
empty properties
144 £81,250
Consumer unit
138 £38,380
Redecoration 317 £70,000
25 £50,000