Legionella Risk Assessments

Water Hygiene: Legionella and non-domestic (communal) schemes - This information is relevant to customers who live in flats with a shared communal entrance / facility

Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia which can affect anyone.  It is caused by the inhalation of small water droplets from contaminated sources containing legionella bacteria.

To ensure your safety and, as a landlord, to comply with current legislation, regulation and codes of practice, we must take suitable precautions to prevent or control the risk of exposure to legionella.

We do this by having a robust water hygiene safety and inspection process in place; by carrying out risk assessments and regular reinspections; and by a having a written scheme of control in place to reduce and/or control, as far as is reasonably practicable, the risk of legionella growth and proliferation of legionella bacteria, for communal areas where there are water systems present i.e. communal water storage systems.

LYHA is committed to making available schemes of control to our customers to let you know how the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria is being managed and controlled.

Details of our Legionella Risk Assessments and any Scheme of Control are listed below:

Legionella Risk Assesment

Scheme of Control
Elmete Hill (Common Parts) risk assessment Elmete Hill scheme of control
Elmete Mount (Estate Office) risk assessment Elmete Mount scheme of control
69-121 Elmete Way risk assessment 69-121 Elmete Way scheme of control
Elmete Way (Common Parts) risk assessment Elmete Way (Common Parts) scheme of control
Flower Court risk assessment Flower Court scheme of control
Flower Garth risk assessment Flower Garth scheme of control
Lovell Park (communal areas) risk assessment Lovell Park (Estate Office) scheme of control
7 Newton Grove risk assessment 7 Newton Grove scheme of control
Raglan Road risk assessment Raglan Road scheme of control
Spring Valley (Estates Office) risk assessment Spring Valley (Estates Office) scheme of control
St Anns Way (Caretakers Store) risk assessment St Anns Way (Caretakers Store) scheme of control
St Cyprians Gardens risk assessment St Cyprians Gardens scheme of control
St Johns House (Common Parts) risk assessment St Johns House scheme of control
St Marys Court (Caretakers Store) risk assessment St Mary's Court scheme of control
Valley Court risk assessment Valley Court scheme of control
32-37 West Court risk assessment 32-37 West Court scheme of control
West Thorpe (Common Parts) risk assessment West Thorpe scheme of control
14 Wood Lane risk assessment 14 Wood Lane scheme of control