Blog Post from Niesha Martin - LYHA Housing Officer and Housing Futures Insight Leader

We are thrilled that one of our Housing Officers, Niesha Martin, has been selected by the National Housing Federation to be an Insight Leader for their new 'Housing Futures' innovation campaign. 

Here, in her first blog, she takes us through her hopes for the project and journey to date.


What is the Housing Futures project?  

“Housing Futures is the biggest collaborative exercise ever undertaken by the housing sector, with housing associations across the UK coming together to tackle housing's biggest challenges.” 

Why did I apply?  
When I was presented with this fantastic opportunity to be part of the UK Housing Futures project, to tackle the biggest challenges in our sector, it seemed to me like a no brainer. Why wouldn't you want to be a part of something that could potentially change the lives of thousands of people?! 
I didn't hesitate to put myself forward for this. Well actually I use the word 'hesitate' loosely, because I hesitated massively about sending in a video application.....30 videos later I sent in a paper application! Luckily it did the trick and I’ve been given this great opportunity.  
I am a passionate person and I can’t wait to use this passion to get stuck into this massive challenge with colleagues throughout the country.  
LYHA have supported me though the application process and lots of colleagues have already offered their support. I can’t wait to share my learning with the LYHA team.  
I will be travelling to London next week; my train ticket and hotel are booked. Innovation Consultancy, Whatif! ( will be preparing the Insight Leaders over three days (17th -19th March) to deliver Insight Labs back in our regions. I can’t wait to get innovating! 
Am I nervous... hell yes, but I welcome that fear in order to grow. I’m way out my comfort zone too, but looking forward to testing my limits and starting this journey.  

I will be blogging throughout this journey, so please keep any eye out for my first day!!  

Niesha Martin, Housing Officer (LYHA) 


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