Fire Risk Assessment Programme 2019/20

As part of our longstanding commitment to protect the health and safety of our customers, we recently carried out full Fire Risk Assessments of all our schemes with shared, internal communal areas (such as an entrance lobby). 

The assessment programme was carried out by independent consultants, Pennington Choices, who identified some recommended actions for LYHA to improve fire safety. These included considering removing the fire extinguishers from the common areas of certain schemes. If this applies to where you live, we will have already notified you by letter and extinguishers in shared corridors will be removed between now and January 2020. We will provide each flat with a fire blanket, for you to use if safe to do so.

You can access copies of the Fire Risk Assessments and evacuation policies for each individual scheme at:

Please note, if you live in a block of flats with internal common areas, Fire Action Notices are displayed in corridors and stairways.

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