Fire Safety Announcement

21st June 2017

We have and continue to share our sincere condolences and support to all those affected by the terrible fire that happened in Grenfell Tower. Our heart goes out to those who lost their lives, their friends and loved ones and their homes and possessions. Our thanks go out to the many people who helped and supported from the fire fighters and emergency services to the wonderful community that has rallied to show immense support and resilience during the toughest of times.

This tragic event has created a lot of speculation and publicity about the cause of the fire and we know that this has understandably increased concern from many Housing Association customers and people who live in flats, including tenants and residents at LYHA.

We have a longstanding existing commitment to protecting the health and safety of our customers.  We already had robust fire safety and inspection processes in place for all our customer’s homes where there is a shared entrance or communal areas. As well as regular site inspections we also:


•     Complete annual fire safety checks and act and report on all recommendations made.

•     Have ensured that new homes we have built and homes we have refurbished are more than compliant with required building regulations

•     Employ an external specialist advisor that supports us to ensure we continually provide high levels of safety and assurance for our customers.


This has always been and will remain a priority for the LYHA Board and colleagues. A Public Inquiry has been announced and we will monitor this closely but we don't intend to wait before we act.


As a responsible landlord, we take our health and safety responsibilities seriously and if we need to further improve fire safety we will do so. Our immediate priority is to ensure our residents feel safe and secure in their homes. We have once again checked all fire safety procedures and records so we can confidently provide reassurance.

We have responded to requests for information from DCLG [Department of Community and Local Government], NHF [National Housing Federation] and the HCA [Homes and Communities Agency]. None of the cladding used on LYHA buildings is of that used on Grenfell Tower. We have checked all other types of cladding to confirm that this is highly fire resistant.

Every home has a clear policy on what to do in the event of fire. We plan to make more detail available on our website. If LYHA customers are unsure about fire safety they should read Notices in communal areas or contact our Customer Services team via our website or email or telephoning 0113 278 3335.

We have robust systems in place to promote and protect health and safety. We complete regular inspections and fire safety visits but we also know that customers may spot dangers or risks as they occur and possibly before we do. We are a listening organisation, and we are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers. If customers have any concerns about fire safety, they should contact us and we will listen and act.