LYHA - Homes for Ukraine

The Government has announced the Homes for Ukraine scheme and provided more information about how this scheme works.

We understand there may be interest among customers to take part in this scheme. The Government scheme advises that:

  • Anyone with a spare room can come forward to help
  • Accommodation must be available for at least 6 months
  • The thank you payment of £350 per month is payable for as long as you assist somebody, for up to 12 months
  • Eligibility checks will be carried out, and this may include a visit to your home
  • There is an initial process where you can record interest in the scheme and provide some detail of the room/s you have to offer

As a customer of Leeds & Yorkshire Housing Association, you can record your interest in this Government scheme if you do have a spare room and are interested in making the offer. Our Neighbourhoods Team can discuss this further with you and give you additional information about what you may want to consider before registering your interest on the government website.

The type of things you may need to consider before registering your interest may include:

  • You will be responsible for ensuring you adhere to the terms of the tenancy agreement and for the behaviour of the lodger
  • If you choose to vacate the property during this time, you will need to ensure the lodger also vacates
  • Are there any current criteria for your accommodation, for example a minimum age? This would need to be included on the application form when you register your interest
  • If you have a joint tenancy, both parties would need to agree

You can find out more about the scheme here.

If you are thinking of taking in a lodger, you must obtain LYHA’s written permission beforehand - it is a tenancy breach if you do not. If you are on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy you do not have the right to take in a lodger. If in doubt or if you need further advice, please contact your Neighbourhood Officer.



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