Our new Improving Customer Experience Strategy

We have launched a new 'Improving Customer Experience' strategy. This is all about listening to you, our customers, understanding your needs and improving the service that we deliver to you. Our vision is 'To ensure all our customers live in a home they love and in a community in which they can thrive' and we want to provide consistently high levels of service to enable you to do this.

We are listening to your feedback - for example you told us that we need to improve our repairs service and respond to your phone calls quicker. In response we are updating our telephone system, working with GTD to continually improve how we manage repairs (more on both of these later) and increasing our consultation with customers to better understand your needs. However, we know that there are further improvements to be made and we will keep you posted on these over the coming months.

You can read a summary of our new Improving Customer Experience strategy on our website: please click here.

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