Our Mission, Vision & Values

We firmly believe that everybody deserves a safe, warm and affordable home. However, we are about more than bricks and mortar; we strongly believe that people and communities should be supported to thrive and live well in sustainable tenancies.
In September 2020 we launched our new three-year corporate plan which sets out our new vision, mission and values for LYHA. It's called Together 2023 because it's all about partnership with our customers, to shape what we do and how we do it and customer feedback played a very important role in developing this plan.

Our Mission: “We will enable our customers to live well by providing warm, safe and secure homes, by investing in relationships and by delivering great services”.
Our Vision: “To ensure all of our customers live in a home they love and in a community in which they can thrive”.
Our Values:
What do these values mean to us?
Bold – we are unafraid to try new things, meaning that we take informed risks to help us be better at what we do.
Empathetic – we understand and always try to see the perspective of others.
Loyal – we are dedicated to what we do for our customers, take responsibility and are ambassadors for LYHA.
Integrity – we always act with honesty and transparency and spend money wisely.
Ethical – we always do the right thing in the right way, rather than take the easy option.
Vibrant - we are dynamic and passionate about delivering excellence and the opportunity we have to make a difference.
Engaged – we work as a team and understand the importance of colleague and customer involvement in how we make decisions.

For further information please view our Full Corporate Plan - Together 2023 or our Corporate Plan Summary