Our people

Our Executive Management Team provides leadership to LYHA and is charged with delivering the Board’s corporate strategy, aims and objectives.

Mark Pearson

Mark is our Interim Chief Executive

Adam Hutchinson

Adam is our Director of Resources

Joanna Chambers

Joanna is our Head of Home and Growth.

Gavin Fisk

Gavin is our Interim Director of Customer Services

Michael Driscoll

Michael is our Neighbourhood Services Manager

Wayne Fox

Wayne is our Property Services Manager

Joe Taylor

Joe is our Customer Services Team Leader

Jason Hutchinson

Jason is our Estates & Facilities Manager

Amanda Stephenson

Amanda is one of our Neighbourhood Officers

Sarah Benjamin

Sarah is one of our Neighbourhood Officers

Katy Horrigan

Katy is one of our Income Officers

Niesha Martin

Niesha is one of our Neighbourhood Officers

Russell Beavers

Russell is one of our Property Surveyors

Andy Bennett

Andy is one of our Property Surveyors.

Tom Whitworth

Tom is our Community Investment Officer

Gaby Wolferink

Gaby is our Insight & Improvement Officer

Alison Rawding

Alison is our Property Support Officer

Chris Radcliffe

Chris is one of our Neighbourhood Officers.

He can help or give advice if you have problems with your home or neighbourhood, including: community safety, problems with neighbours, moving home or referrals for support. 

Our estates team

Jason, Karl, Gary, Paul, Tracey, David and Andrew make up our estates team.

Together they are responsible for maintaining our sites both inside and out, come rain or shine. This includes gardening, maintenance and cleaning of the communal areas on our estates.