Pets Policy Summary

If you would like to have a pet, you will need to speak to your Neighbourhood Officer. Permission being granted will largely depend on the type of property you live in and whether there are shared/communal areas. Permission will not be given for any wild/farm animals or for dogs listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act.

If you are granted permission, you will be asked to sign our responsble pet ownership charter. This sets out the conditions you must abide by, including responsibility for your pet's behaviour at all times, you must clean up any fouling/mess immediately and you must ensure that your pet does not cause a nuisance/annoyance within your neighbourhood. Customers must not use their LYHA home for breeding and we recommend that all pets should be neutered. Under UK law all dogs must also be microchipped and and must wear a collar stating the name, address and postcode of their owner. 

Please note, assistance dogs, such as guide dogs for the visually impaired or hearing dogs for the hearing impaired, will always be permitted and our policy does not apply to small animals housed in cages or bowls, such as goldfish.

A copy of our full pets policy is available on request.