Reconnecting with our customers

We are committed to improving your customer experience by listening to you, our customers, and acting on what you tell us.

Over the last year we have conducted customer focus groups, consultation events and regular surveys. Your feedback from these is now shaping big changes to how we deliver our services to you.

What you told us

We are pleased to see that overall customer satisfaction has been rising over the last four years. However, there are clear areas where we need to improve.

-          74% told us you are happy with the overall service from LYHA

-          72% of you believe that LYHA is easy to deal with

-          64% believe we provide ample opportunities to make your views known

-          59% believe LYHA listens to your views and acts on what you tell us
We know we can do better.
We want you to thrive in your homes and communities, and we want to support you to do this by providing a more visible and responsive service.

Doing things differently

Neighbourhoods team restructure
Over the coming months we will be increasing our team of Neighbourhood Officers from three to five and each will be responsible for a smaller number of homes than they are now. This will help them provide a more dedicated, hands-on service to you.
Your Neighbourhood Officer should be your first point of contact for questions about your tenancy, such as making requests to carry out alterations to your home, signposting you to support, dealing with antisocial behaviour and making improvements to your neighbourhood. They will also have additional responsibilities, such as the regular health and safety inspections currently carried out by our Block Inspectors.

Your Neighbourhood Officer will continue to be supported by specialist teams, including Property Maintenance and Repairs teams, Estate Caretakers, Cleaners and Gardeners and our Income Officers.

We will confirm details with you in September about who your local contacts will be.

Improving our engagement with customers
Our vision at LYHA is “to ensure all of our customers live in a home they love and in a community in which they can thrive”, and to do this, we need to hear your thoughts and understand your experiences.
Over the past few months, we have been working on a new Customer Engagement Policy, which has been co-created by LYHA customers, colleagues and tenant involvement specialists, Tpas. You can read the full policy here.
It sets out different levels of involvement that you may choose:

·                Be aware – providing information in accessible formats for everyone via social media, our website, newsletters, noticeboards, interactions with colleagues and stakeholders and publicising engagement opportunities 

·                Chip-in – consultations in formats, times and locations that are convenient to you, including surveys, estate inspections, resident groups and events

·                Co-create – contributing through more formal channels, such as reviewing and designing services, assisting in recruitment to key roles, contractor selection, complaints panels, scrutiny exercises and focus groups 

·                Lead – being part of how LYHA is run and having a voice in making key decisions by being a member of our Customer Experience Committee or Board 

Get involved
By working with LYHA, you as a customer have genuine opportunities to influence and challenge our services and strategies, and to make a real difference within your own community.
You can register your initial interest in ‘getting involved’ by completing this short form and we can then get in touch as and when opportunities arise. 
We are currently recruiting for new Customer Experience Committee members. If you think you would be interested, please indicate this when you complete the form and we will be in touch.

Reconnecting with customers
These latest steps form part of our drive at LYHA to ‘reconnect with customers’ following the pandemic. Over the last two years we have had to change the way we delivered services and temporarily pause some of our engagement activity to keep everyone safe. Now that restrictions have been lifted, we are keen to re-establish strong links with our customers and communities, and work together to meet your needs.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email us at:  We always welcome your ideas.