Rent in Leeds

We have a range of homes to rent throughout Leeds, from studio apartments to four-bed houses. Our available properties are updated weekly and bidding runs for one week from when the property is advertised. If we have properties currently available they will appear below. 

How to apply

1. Complete and submit our Housing Application Form

2. You will then be sent an appliction reference number which you can use to bid on LYHA homes now and in the future.

3. Once you have your bidding number, you do not need to ‘log on' to the website to place a bid, as you are not a customer yet. However, if you see any properties available on our site that you are interested in, you should click on that property, scroll down to where it says 'click here to place a bid' then input your 'application reference number' where asked.

4. 60% of our properties are allocated through Leeds Homes nominations. To increase your chance of finding a home, please Register here.