Welcome to our Repairs pages. As our website continues to develop we will be using customer feedback to improve it. Currently, this is not a 24 hour service. We will pick up any repairs that have been reported outside the hours of 8.30am-5pm Monday-Friday when we are back in the office. If you have an emergency repair, please call 0113 278 3335 to report this.

When you complete the form to report your repair it will automatically send an email to one of our colleagues who will do one of three things with it:

Accept it as a repair, log it on our system and our contractor will organise to complete it within the category deadline;

Decide that further information is needed either by asking one of our team to inspect the repair or by contacting you for further information;

Decide that the request is not a LYHA responsibility and inform you of that decision.

Please click here to give us your feedback on the repairs service we currently offer. We will use customer feedback to shape the improvement of this service to meet customers' needs.