Repairs to new homes: defects

If you have moved into a new-build home with Leeds & Yorkshire Housing Association, any repairs required within the first twelve months are known as defects. Defects are corrected by the developer of your new home, rather than being reported as a 'repair'. 

Normal wear and tear of the property cannot be classed as a defect.
After the 12-month period is over, Leeds & Yorkshire Housing Association will then take over responsibility for any repairs needed to your home.
Please see our frequently asked questions below to find out more. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a defect?

A defect can be classed as the failure of a component or poor workmanship that causes a construction failure.  This could include, for example:

• None functioning heating or hot water

• Faulty windows and doors

• Plumbing leaks

• Rain penetration leaks

• Major shrinkage cracks in plaster work (anything over 4mm). You can expect small shrinkage cracks which are normal and these will be made good after the 12-month period expires.

• Faulty lighting


When should a defect be reported?

Defects must be reported within the defects liability period (first 12 months after completion). After this time the contractor may not be liable to remedy any problems. 

How long will it take for a defect to be fixed?

There are three categories of defects and the time to fix them depends on which category they fall into:

  • Category 1 defects are the most severe and can include loss of heat, power, hot water, burst pipe. These will be remedied within 24 hours of notification. 
  • Category 2 defects can include faults with the electric system, faulty doors, faulty heating system. These will be remedied within 5 working days of notification. 
  • Category 3 defects can include easing of doors and windows, fencing, paths and driveways. These will be remedied within 28 working days of notification.

What if I want to decorate?

We would advise you not to decorate during the first 12 months. If shrinkage cracks do occur and the contractor is required to make good, the decoration will only be re-instated to the original specification.