Repairs Service Standards

We class repairs as either 'Emergency', 'Urgent' or 'Routine'. See below for information on the service standards relating to these.

Please note that the target time in these repairs category is the deadline target (i.e. by when, not it will be done at that time).

Emergency repairs.

Target: within 24 hours

These are for repairs that could present danger. Examples include:

  • serious leaks which could cause flooding
  • total loss of heating and/or hot water in winter - (31st October to 1st May)
  • no electrics
  • being locked out of your home (please note that you will be re-charged for this)

Urgent repairs.

Target: within five working days

Examples include:

  • problems with water supply
  • electrical faults
  • heating system issues
  • matters which could serious damage to the property if not dealt with quickly

Routine repairs.

Target: within 20 working days

This is for repairs where the fault or failure does not cause danger to the occupants or the public.

Examples include:

  • dripping taps (dependent on severity) 
  • broken internal doors locks  
  • minor issues with light fittings
  • replacing broken bulbs
  • problems or blockages to toilets when there is more than one toilet in the property