Satisfaction Surveys

We are firmly committed to transforming the organisation by listening to what our customers tell us and we provide various opportunities for you to give us feedback. 

We work with a comoany called MEL Research who conduct regular customer surveys on our behalf, including quarterly telephone satisfaction surveys and follow up calls to a sample of those of you who have had a recent service (be it a repair, a move to a new home or gardening) to find out how happy you are with our service and where we can improve.

We are pleased to see that overall customer satisfaction has been rising over the last four years and is now at 74% for 2021/22
2018:  66%
2019:  70%
2020:  73%
2021:  74%

You’ve told us what matters most to you:
- 73% are happy with the overall quality of their home (up from 72% last year)
- 72% of you believe that LYHA is easy to deal with (up from 69% last year)
- 64% believe we provide ample opportunities to make your views known (down slightly from last year)
- 62 % are happy with our repairs and maintenance (up 8% from 54% last year)
- 59% believe LYHA listens to your views and acts on what you tell us (same as last year)

We are encouraged that our satisfaction figures are rising. However, there is lots of work to do as they are still not as high as we would like them to be.