Satisfaction Surveys

We are firmly committed to transforming the organisation by listening to what our customers tell us and we provide various opportunities for you to give us feedback. 

We contact every customer who has recently had a repair to carry out a telephone satisfaction survey. This helps us understand whether the repair has met the customer's needs and how we can further improve our service.

LYHA also carries out a STAR survey of all customers at least every two years. We were disappointed with our 2018 results so we decided not to wait two years this time.
Our latest set of results (2019), while still not up to the highest levels we would like, demonstrate an improvement in most key areas.  

  • In 2018/19 our overall satisfaction level was 70% (up from 66% in 2017/18) 
  • 77% of respondents told us they are happy with the quality of their home (up from 76% in 2017/18) 
  • 82% are satisfied with their neighbourhood as a place to live (up from 78% in 2017/18) 
  • 83% feel that their rent represents ‘value for money’ (up from 77% in 2017/18) 
  • 65% feel we provide sufficient opportunities to make your views known (up from 54% in 2017/18) 
  • 72% believe we are good at keeping our customers informed (up from 66% in 2017/18) 
  • The percentage of customers who feel their views are being ‘listened to and acted upon’ remains the same as last year