Working together at LYHA

By working together, we can achieve LYHA aims and objectives and this helps us to deliver a great service to customers as a result.  

What we do

An important part of ‘how we do’ is being clear about what’s expected.  Everyone has a job description which is a useful starting point but each year there will be different areas to work on and different priorities.  This is why objectives and targets are set each year – these can be individual or team targets and they help us to make sure we know where we are going, and whether we have achieved what we set out to do. Once these are set the managers and employees will use them to track progress and make sure work is going to plan. 

How we work

It is not only important to make sure that we know what’s expected it is also vital that how we go about our work on a day to day basis is right.  That’s why we have the behaviour framework that shapes all that we do, and why we expect everyone to behave in a way that demonstrates these behaviours.

How we perform

This is simply a way of keeping track of how well we are doing against our plans and targets by looking at them on a regular basis throughout the year.  This could be through monitoring the PMI pack, at team meetings or at corporate team briefs during the year.

How we grow and develop

Once a year managers and employees will sit down together to discuss the employee’s personal needs and how that fits with the job they are doing. The discussion will help to shape personal development plans.

  • Working together is therefore is about:
  • The direction and overall aims – putting LYHA’s vision into practice 
  • What we want to achieve – our plans for the year; team objectives and targets
  • How we do things and to how we meet service standards - behaviours, and our promises to customers
  • How we perform - checking progress day-to-day, and at ‘one-to-ones’ 
  • How we grow and develop - Training and development needs, recognising and building on current strengths to improve performance 

Connecting our Staff

Our staff are passionate about creating a place where it’s great to work. There are lots of opportunities to get involved. In the past for local charities we have held car washes, the now famous ‘Cheesemas’ and ‘Cheeseaster’ and Christmas jumper day! We have also supported Wear it Pink and fund-raised for Age UK. We think it’s essential that LYHA gets involved with local and national campaigns raising the profile of the Social Housing Sector. For example a group of staff have previously spent a night sleeping on the streets of Leedsto raise awareness of homelessness.